Put your yard on autopilot.

Year-round lawn care & snow removal service in Vaughan. One flat, monthly rate with no fixed-term contract or cancellation fees.

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"A very good, prompt service. Snow is quickly removed and the grass cutting is very good. The people at Property Werks are always warm and friendly. Any problems are dealt with in a timely manner. Great service."

Gerald InnesYear Round Client

Make the most of your time.

Life is busy. Sometimes the last thing you want to think about, or have time for, is mowing the lawn or shovelling the sidewalks. For a flat, monthly rate your property will be automatically maintained as the seasons change. Give it a try—most clients don't look back!

Lawson Beaty
Founder of Property Werks

How does it work?

Year-round yard care.

Your service will automatically switch from lawn mowing to snow removal when the season changes.

Lawn care

Weekly, bi-weekly, or adaptive mowing.

Tell us what areas need to be mowed and select your frequency. Service starts when the grass begins growing in the Spring and continues until it stops in the Fall.

Snow removal

Fast, faster, and fastest.

Your service includes your front city sidewalk and the path/steps to your door. Add on a side or back path, patio, deck, or driveway and set your service speed to Standard, Premium, or Express.

Set & forget

Sync with the seasons.

Your service automatically switches with the season. Never think about your lawn becoming overgrown, or a snowy sidewalk again.


Less than dinner for two.

As a Werks subscriber you save 10% compared to booking lawn care and snow removal individually. You might be surprised just how affordable it is.


Easy online booking.

Get your real price and book your service instantly online. Look out for a confirmation email when your booking is received and once it has been approved. You won't be charged until service begins.


Stay in the know.

Receive an alert when your service is scheduled, when your provider is on the way, and with pictures of the work after every visit. Log in to your account anytime to track your provider as they work towards your property.



Let's talk numbers.

Your price is based on the size of your lot, your property features, and the optional upgrades you select.

Standard service features
Property maintained 365 days a year.
Starting at$112
monthly payment
plus tax
Fixed rate.No long term commitment.

Snow removalall accumulations over a trace amount will be cleared within 24 hours after every snowfall ends.

Lawn mowingyour grass will be cut on your preferred schedule throughout the growing season.

Autopilotyour service will automatically switch from lawn care to snow removal when the season changes.

Service guaranteewe stand behind our work. If a spot is missed or you aren't happy with the job, a crew will be sent back at no charge.

Optional upgrades
Select add-ons or increase your service speed.
Starting at$15
per add-on
plus tax
Fixed rate.No long term commitment.

Set your speedincrease your snow removal speed to Premium or Express and be cleared up to 12 hours earlier.

Adjust your scheduleselect weekly, bi-weekly or adaptive mowing. Adaptive mowing is weekly through July, then bi-weekly until the end of the season.

Customizableadd ice-melt or grass clipping removal, and note any additional areas you'd like cleared or mowed.

Why choose us?

Most clients stay as long as they own their home.

With best-in-class technology, a proven track record, and quality guaranteed, we look forward to taking outdoor chores off your plate.

Vetted providers

You're in good hands.

All our crews are licensed, insured, accountable professionals with more than a 4.7 customer approval rating. The same person will service your property every time.

Become a provider
Reliable service

Not our first rodeo.

We've learned a lot since 2008. As our awesome clients return for their 6th, 7th, or 8th year of service, we can't help but think we're doing something right.

About us
Best value

Fair and transparent prices.

Our services aren't always a luxury, but a necessity due to mobility, safety, and security concerns. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. It's not in our DNA to charge more than what's fair.

Local business

Support Canadian innovation.

We're on the ground working for you. Your dollars support more than 40 Canadian families.

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Next steps

Ready to get started?

Click below to check your price. Like what you see? Complete your booking online and we will review and approve it shortly. Welcome aboard!

Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered.


So, how am I saving?
In appreciation for trusting us with your long-term business, we serve year-round clients at a discounted rate. This comes out to about 10% less on average than booking separate services. Your price stays constant across the year so the seasonal adjustments on our prices won't affect you.
Are spring and fall clean ups included?
They aren't, but if you would like us to include them as part of your regular service line up so you don't have to re-book every time, we can do that. Please let us know.
Do I have to tell you when to switch services?
Nope, we'll take care of it! We'll keep you informed of when we're switching into a new season, and as always, you will always receive pictures to your email of completed work. Handy if you happen to be out of town frequently or at the office.
Any other benefits to this service?
This plan accommodates the slight differences in when the seasons start from year to year. We'll clear a snowfall in September, or start mowing in April if the grass is already growing. We're servicing your property at all times instead of waiting for your contract date to begin.
What is your cancellation policy?
While of course we'd be sad to see you go, there is no penalty for cancellation. Just let us know before your next monthly payment.
You missed a spot!
Oops! Please send us a quick note at service@propertywerks.ca so we can come fix it.
For even more service details, please visit the FAQ sections on our Lawn Care and Snow Removal pages too.
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