Focused on the future of yard care.

We're working hard to be the de-facto yard care company in Canada by offering our customers unmatched pricing, technology, customer service and job quality.

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Imagine home ownership without the hassle.

I think managing your outdoor spaces should be as easy as ordering a meal or getting a ride. We've been building relationships with qualified providers, rolling out new app features, and expanding city by city to make that a reality for millions across Canada.

Lawson Beaty
Founder of Property Werks

Origin story

Trials and triumphs.

Founded in the downturn of 2008 we've navigated booms, busts, and the mobile revolution.

Founded in 2008


It's easy to forget that in 2008 you would still get a new phone book every year. At age 20 Lawson founded the company with a simple website and a hunch that search marketing and online bookings would be the future.

Growing pains in 2011

How much for your truck?

By 2011 we were buying a late-model truck, stocking it with a complete set of summer and winter equipment, and hiring a crew to man it every 2 weeks. But surprise, surprise not everything was smooth. No shows, equipment breakdowns, and maintaining job quality meant Lawson was regularly working 12 hour days to hold the line.

Stability in 2014

Welcome, Sean.

When Sean took a stake in the company and joined as Operations Manager we made a decision to ease up on the accelerator and focus on stability. He created new hiring processes and worked to ensure job-quality remained high.

Sabatical in 2016

You're going where?

For the previous 6 months Lawson had been learning to code and had applied to Founders & Coders (FAC)—a non-profit coding bootcamp launching a new campus in Nazareth, Israel. Application accepted, we prepared for his departure and wished him well.

Revamped in 2019

So you want a revolution?

With the help of 2 hires from FAC Lawson built a platform to manage our booking, scheduling, routing, payments and payroll. With a custom field app Sean and Lawson realized the business could move toward a provider model where contractors could manage their workload through their smart phone.

Scaling for the future

Balancing technology and service.

Since 2020 we've increased our client count 8x and launched in new markets across Canada. Though we've grown significantly, by leveraging technology that makes our operations more efficient and transparent, our customer support is faster (and friendlier) than ever and our service consistency and quality have reached new heights.

feature imageLawson Beaty

Founder and CEO

The guy who started it all. While he used to mow a mean lawn, and has moved literal tonnes of snow, these days most of his time is spent on our expansion and contributing to our app development.

feature imageCristine Bye

Co-owner and Office Manager

Customer service rockstar from day one. Co-owner and Office Manager, Cristine manages our day-to-day activities, making sure every client is taken care of. She's the friendly voice of Property Werks and keeps everything running smoothly.

feature imageSean Peters

Co-owner and COO

Sean oversees all the core elements of the business: from hiring, to scheduling, to accounting. He's constantly on the move keeping up our high standards on all fronts and taking the lead with each new market.

feature imageJack Davies

Co-owner and CTO

Jack is the mind and the steady hand behind our admin portal, field app and customer app. He makes sure everything is built to a high standard, runs smoothly, and looks good doing it.

feature imageKevin Rakhit

Co-owner and CMO

Kev is the fuel that makes Property Werks go. She's in charge of content across mediums and her digital marketing campaigns have driven our growth over the last few years.

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