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Fall yard clean up in Edmonton

Over 4,000 Tonnes of leaves composted

Get your lawn ready for another Edmonton winter.

Blow out

Clear all the fallen leaves, branches and debris from your flower beds, shrubs, and lawn.

Hand rake

Unfortunately all those leaves aren't going to rake themselves.

Final mow & trim

It's best to keep your grass short heading into winter. This final mow prevents it laying down under a thick blanket of snow and speeds your lawn's recovery in the spring.

Aerate & fertilize

Aerate to support the deep root system of your lawn and encourage healthy roots. Add a sprinkling of fertilizer for a jump start on the next growing season.

Tidy & dispose

One more blast with the blower to shake off all the dust. Gather up all the debris and bag it for removal by the city, or we can remove and compost it for you.

Ready for Fall 2022!

Want to get your yard in shape for the upcoming winter Edmonton? Fall clean-ups are about more than just keeping things tidy. Although that's nice too...

They help prepare your yard for a cold Edmonton winter. Removing leaves and debris before the snow flies helps your grass come back faster in the spring by preventing matting and over saturation. Adding a final lawn aeration and a slow release fertilizer will ensure an even faster start next season. Treat yourself and your yard this fall!

We're pleased to offer some of the best pricing in the city and we always guarantee the job be done right. Check your fall yard clean up price using the button below and book online, or send us a message from the button on the bottom right if we can answer any questions.

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Fall Yard Cleaning Service FAQ

Why should I aerate the lawn?
Over time, and with lots of use, the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted, making it more difficult for the grass to access sufficient nutrients and water. Aeration reintroduces more oxygen into the deep root system of you lawn. Deep rooting of your lawn makes it more resilient and better able to handle stress, like heat or dry spells. The small holes also create more surface area for healthy soil microorganisms and fertilizer to do their work.
Do I need to aerate the lawn?
If you are not sure you need aeration, take a core sample of your lawn at least six inches deep. If grass roots extend only to the first one-two inches, your soil may be compacted.
When should I aerate the lawn in Edmonton?
In Edmonton, the best time to aerate is in May to June and again in mid-September. The cores of soil are best left on the lawn so they can be reabsorbed. Booking our spring and fall yard cleaning services will keep you on schedule!
What kind of cost can I expect on a fall yard clean up?
We offer some of the most competitive rates in the city, starting at $ 138 where other companies start at $160+ for a basic clean up. Your final fall yard clean up price depends on your lawn aeration, fertilizer application and composting preferences.
When will you complete my fall clean up?
We complete fall clean ups in the order they are booked, and aim to have your clean-up finished within 3 business days of your booking.

The working window for fall clean ups changes slightly every year, and is smaller than in the spring. We like to wait just long enough that most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, but also before the snow comes! We keep working between the occasional snowfalls in late October, over the weekends too, and are finished within the first couple days of November.
You missed a spot!
Oops! Please send us a quick note at so we can come fix it.