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110,000+ Lawns mowed

Over 10,000 tonnes of grass clippings composted since 2008. We've got you covered.

Service guarantee

We work until the job is done the way you like. If there is ever a problem, let us know and we'll come back to fix it.

Flexible scheduling

Weekly, bi-weekly, or vacation service. Select the level of service that you need.

Service records

Pictures of the freshly cut grass are delivered right to your email so you can see the work is done! Log in to your account anytime for a full service and payment record

Fair pricing

We want to be affordable not sometimes, but all the time! Lawn care isn't a luxury but a necessity for some clients, and so we endeavour to keep our prices as fair as possible.

Experienced operators

Our seasoned team has seen it all and uses only reliabled, commercial-grade equipment to ensure a professional finish every time.

Welcome to summer 2020!

Let us take on the outdoor chores so that you can make the most of our brief summer. Spend your time how you like - hiking, barbecues, napping in the shade - all while enjoying an expertly manicured lawn.

We know your needs are unique, so you can choose from three levels of service - weekly, biweekly or vacation - as well as how you'd like your clippings handled. If you have any other requests, please let us know so we can add a note to your booking.

Our system will notify you as soon as the work is completed, with pictures of the freshly mowed grass. This way, if you’re at work, or at the lake – you always know you’re getting your money’s worth!

We're excited to help you with your lawn care needs this year. Wishing all the best to you and yours - get out there and have a fun summer!

Ken McDowell
Great people to care for our lawn and snow removal! Very through and complete service.
Jessica Lange
The lawn was mowed very well and their customer service is quick to respond.
Nalin Kasturi
Property Werks is the best company for lawn mowing and snow removal. Cristine and her team have been managing my home for almost three years. I appreciate the snow and lawn mowing reports & also value the reports with pics received after they have mowed our lawn or removed snow. I have never had an issue of snow not being removed within 24 hours after it has stopped snowing. I always recommend them to friends, family and coworkers as they have an amazing team. Thank you for such an impeccable service.
Rajashri Thakurdesai
Timely efficient and work done with heart in it. We are happy to hire them for our extra large yard lawn mowing.
gerald innes
Usually a very good, prompt service. Snow is usually prompt and the grass is very good. I will be happy if the lawn clippings are left on the lawn. We will be away all summer so there is no place to put them.
Anna Laure McFarlane
I had sod installed 4 years ago, and despite regular and routine watering, it dried out and died. I called Property Werks back and they were great to work with. They came out and assessed the lawn, and offered a free aerating of the yard so that I could re-seed (which is what I wanted to do). They were professional and amicable. I would recommend them and work with them again.
RM Solomon
Property Werks have done our lawns for many years and we are very satisfied with their service. Cristine in the office has been very open to fixing any errors and she is very friendly to deal with. We would definitely recommend this company to others.
Rose Lindsay
I've been using Property Werks for some years now for lawn maintenance and they do excellent work. Excellent customer service and communication. Christine at the head office is a positive, awesome person. Thank you.
Marie Woron
With medical issues, we are unable to take care of our lawn this year. I emailed Property Werks and Cristine responded almost immediately. I booked them for a yard clean and mowing/shoveling for the year. Tara did an amazing job on the yard cleanup, took photos and Cristine emailed them to me letting me know that it was complete. They were in the yard first thing in the morning, no waiting at all. I have the utmost confidence in them for taking care of our property over the next year.
E Akin
I highly recamend Property Werks. I used them this past winter for snow removal.They were out in all kinds of terribly cold weather. The few times I had some small complaints, I called Chistine, and she addressed these issues right away. Thanks for sending your photo. I have tried to put a face to one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever worked with. You have the voice of a very young person but the maturity to deal with any problem in a timely matter. I like the idea of sending photos as soon as the work in finished and have booked their lawn care for this summer.
Deanna McKenzie
Property Werks Ltd. offers a very hard working, professional team. We have hired them for Spring Clean Up for the past number of years. I highly recommend this company to keep your lawn and premises neat and clean. They Are the BEST! 5 Star.
David Bean
Lawn services over the past two seasons has been very good, reliable and efficient. We were particularly pleased with the Fall/Spring Cleanup work.
Chad Clay
Did a great job on our lawn!
Rodrigo Meson
Work is always completed on time and they clean up after. I have no complaints! I have used them for lawn care (spring clean up and weekly mowing) for two years now.
Nancy Lassu
We've hired Property Werks for one time clean up, annual maintenance, weekly mows, spring/autumn clean ups and snow removal. We have been extremely pleased with the work, and attention to our concerns. Not only is the office friendly, all staff are very courteous who have been to our house over the years.

Review your service levels


From $49

Every other week works well for me.

  • Mow and trim every two weeks completed by your assigned crew.
  • Tidy up of all grass clippings and debris from hard surfaces.
  • Picture notifications of completed work sent to your email after every service.
  • Clippings handled to your preference. We can mulch, compost, or remove and compost your clippings.
  • Guaranteed finish using commercial equipment. We'll work until it's done how you like it.


From $34

For a beautiful lawn all summer long.

  • Weekly mow and trim completed by your designated crew.
  • Tidy up of all grass clippings and debris from hard surfaces.
  • Picture notifications of completed work sent to your email after every service.
  • Clippings handled to your preference. We can mulch, compost, or remove and compost your clippings.
  • Guaranteed finish using commercial equipment. We'll work until it's done how you like it.
  • As you like it. Let us know about your property's unique requirements and if you have requests for patterns, cut height, trimming etc.


From $54

Perfect when you're heading out of town for a little while.

  • Flexible booking simply let us know the date you would like your first mow and the number of weeks you need covered.
  • Weekly mow and trim completed by your assigned crew.
  • Tidy up of all grass clippings and debris from hard surfaces.
  • Picture notifications sent to your email after every service, so you can see the work is happening while you're away.
  • Clippings handled to your preference. Mulched, compost, or remove and compost your clippings.
  • Minimum of two mows
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Edmonton lawn mowing FAQ

Not to worry, you receive a service notification after each visit with photos of the freshly cut grass.
We always try our best to keep your service regular, but sometimes we have to work around the weather. Especially early in the spring when we're getting frequent rains please allow a day or two on either side of your usual day.
Your choice! We can leave them on the lawn as mulch, put them in your compost bin to be removed by the city, or haul them away.
Sure, if your signing up for ongoing service we can help with that. Depending on the height we'll have to make a few passes with the mower. Because of that and the toll an overgrown lawn can take on the equipment we do need to charge a bit extra for that initial mow.
There's no penalty for cancelling your service, although some warning is always appreciated.
Payment for mowing services is only taken after your visit is completed. You will see a transaction on your credit card statement a day or two after your mow.
According to the City of Edmonton, it is the responsibility of every property owner to keep their grass under 10cm tall, otherwise they can be subject to nuisance conditions fines.
Sorry about that! Please send us a note at and we'll come fix it right away.