Edmonton home snow removal

130,000+ Tonnes of snow cleared and counting

Here's what to expect from your snow removal service:

24 hour guarantee

Crews start early every morning so your snow will always be cleared to the pavement within 24 hours of snowfall ending.

Unlimited service

We come out as many times as necessary. Our historical average is 15 times per month.

Picture notification

You'll receive pictures of your freshly cleared walks after every service. So if you're in a beach chair or an office chair, you can see you're getting your money's worth

Fair pricing

For many clients snow removal isn't a luxury. We endeavour to keep our pricing as fair as possible.

Experienced providers

All our providers are vetted, insured, experienced professionals with no less than a 4.7 customer rating. The same person will service your property every time.

Ready for winter 2020!

Searching for the best home snow removal service in Edmonton? You can leave the chores to us. We’ve been clearing snowy sidewalks in Alberta since 2008. ​

PROPERTYWERKS is a top-rated residential snow removal company delivering service across Edmonton. Choose from three different levels of service, whichever suits you best.​

As soon as your work is completed you'll be sent a notification with pictures of your freshly cleared paths, sidewalks, and driveway. This way you can always see the work is getting done - no matter if you're at home, out of town, or on vacation you will have peace of mind.

Give our friendly team a call, or get your real price and book online 24 hours a day. Wishing you and yours the very best this winter, take care and be safe!

Donna Baird
We were away during the winter and hired Property Werks to keep our driveway clear of snow. They were on it, and communicated with me by email every step of the way. I had peace of mind that no one was going to slip on ice on our sidewalk and our driveway would be clear when we got home. I will definitely use Property Werks again. Thanks again!
Jacquie Willumsen
Christine is very lovely to deal with! She answers my questions very promptly. Staff are very punctual - I like it when they send me a photo of snow removals.
Ken McDowell
Great people to care for our lawn and snow removal! Very through and complete service.
H Jude
We highly recommend Property Werks for snow removal as it makes winter so much more enjoyable! We have been extremely pleased with Cristine's prompt & courteous reply to emails and the exceptional quality of snow clearing by Brandon M. After each visit, we receive an email with photos of our property. Many neighbours have been commenting on what a fantastic job Property Werks does. This company really cares about its customers!
Christina Hagerty
We have used a number of snow removal companies over the past 20 years and I am most impressed by PropertyWerks! They are timely, communicate through emails and photos and are friendly and efficient! What more could we want? Thank you, Guys, for helping us keep our sidewalks clean!
James Muir
Property Werks has always gone above and beyond to take care of me. I have a very long sidewalk, across from a school no less... This winter season I have noticed that my sidewalks have been cleared every morning before I even wake up! I love the service and so does the parents and students from the school across the street that get freshly cleared sidewalks for their walk to and from school :) Property Werks helps keep my property safe and looking great!
Dan Ng
I guess PropertyWerks won my trust for the winter days here... it’s been now more than 3 years in a row to have their snow removal services for us 🙂
Nalin Kasturi
Property Werks is the best company for lawn mowing and snow removal. Cristine and her team have been managing my home for almost three years. I appreciate the snow and lawn mowing reports & also value the reports with pics received after they have mowed our lawn or removed snow. I have never had an issue of snow not being removed within 24 hours after it has stopped snowing. I always recommend them to friends, family and coworkers as they have an amazing team. Thank you for such an impeccable service.
gerald innes
Usually a very good, prompt service. Snow is usually prompt and the grass is very good. I will be happy if the lawn clippings are left on the lawn. We will be away all summer so there is no place to put them.
Brian Evert
Snow removal was managed very well this winter, I particularly appreciated the email and pictures each time the driveway was done.
Marie Woron
With medical issues, we are unable to take care of our lawn this year. I emailed Property Werks and Cristine responded almost immediately. I booked them for a yard clean and mowing/shoveling for the year. Tara did an amazing job on the yard cleanup, took photos and Cristine emailed them to me letting me know that it was complete. They were in the yard first thing in the morning, no waiting at all. I have the utmost confidence in them for taking care of our property over the next year.
E Akin
I highly recamend Property Werks. I used them this past winter for snow removal.They were out in all kinds of terribly cold weather. The few times I had some small complaints, I called Chistine, and she addressed these issues right away. Thanks for sending your photo. I have tried to put a face to one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever worked with. You have the voice of a very young person but the maturity to deal with any problem in a timely matter. I like the idea of sending photos as soon as the work in finished and have booked their lawn care for this summer.
Laura Spoletini
Cleared our snow a couple years ago and did a great job , came every day it snowed within time frame
Vivi GoGo
We are impressed by their service level upon heavy and frequent snowfall during previous winter. Also appreciated their after-service email update. Cristine is also very customer-focused! Vivien
Snow removal service was reliable and prompt.

Your Service Options


From $99 /month
  • Unlimited visits
  • Flat monthly rate
  • Crew dispatch alerts
  • Picture notifications after each visit
  • Snow cleared down to and across the pavement
  • 24 hour guarantee
  • Coverage for snowfalls over a trace amount
Most popular


From $119 /month
  • Unlimited visits
  • Flat monthly rate
  • Crew dispatch alerts
  • Picture notifications after each visit
  • Snow cleared down to and across the pavement
  • 24 hour guarantee
  • Coverage for snowfalls of any amount
  • Priority service
  • Mid-snowfall service*
  • Complimentary ice melt


From $49 /week
  • Unlimited visits
  • Flat weekly rate
  • Crew dispatch alerts
  • Picture notifications after each visit
  • Snow cleared down to and across the pavement
  • 24 hour guarantee

* Crews are dispatched mid-snowfall for events lasting more than 12 hours.

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Snow Removal FAQ

You will receive an email notification every time the crew is dispatched, and another one after your property has been serviced including pictures of your freshly cleared paths, sidewalks and driveway.
Premium sites are serviced for any amount of snow, are seen first on our routes, and mid-snowfall (on heavier days). Standard clients are always cleared within 24 hours of any snowfall that accumulates more than a trace amount.
Nope, we come out as many times as is needed. There is no surcharge on a particularly snowy month, just one flat monthly rate.
We start our routes once a snowfall ends. For Premium sites, if it's looking like a multi-day snowfall we will come out while it is still snowing and clear your property again the next day. We like to get started early (about 6am) and stay out as late as required to get through the routes. If you choose the Standard tier you can expect your job to be done later in the day.
For Premium and Standard services there is a one month minimum commitment, and no penalty if you book for the season but need to stop service earlier than planned. For Vacation service there is a one week minimum.
We will clear your snow once every 24 hours. Your worker has a list of sites which take a full day to clear, so returning for multiple visits on the same day is not something we are able to offer.
To offer the most competitive rates we can, we have to be as efficient as possible. This means that we run optimized routes so the crew can get their work done as quickly as possible while reducing the amount of driving time.

Requests that take us outside of this flow make us less efficient and increase costs. However if it's important that you be cleared earlier in the day select Premium service as those sites are cleared first.
We guarantee that all sites will be cleared within 24 hours of snow ending. Premium sites are visited first in our routes, but do not have a different time guarantee.
Our snow removal services are billed monthly. Payment is processed the day you sign up and then on that same day of each following month. If you have a partial month of service at the end of your term you will only be charged a partial payment. For example if you sign up for service from December 15th to March 1st you will be charged the full amount on December and January 15th then a partial payment on February 15th.
We work in all communities across Edmonton - NW, NE, SW and SE!
Darn, sorry! Please send us a quick email so we can get the crews back for a fix.
The Community Standards Bylaw #14600 does not provide a timeframe for snow removal. The bylaw states “A person shall maintain any sidewalk adjacent to land they own or occupy clear of all snow and ice“. Snow and ice is to be removed from the sidewalks as quickly as possible for the entire length and width of the pavement. Snow should not be moved into public roadways for risk of getting a $250 fine.
The 30 year average for the number of days per year it snows in Edmonton is 52. Total annual snowfall accumulation averages 1.2 metres - almost 4 feet of snow.