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"I hired Property Werks to install 2 fences and a custom dog run space. I am exceptionally happy with the outcome! I would definitely refer this company to anybody looking for good quality and value. The workers were very friendly, accommodating and fast."

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Over 100,000 linear feet of fencing built in Calgary.

Every project is important. We understand that the exterior of your home is a big investment and it's important not only to protect you, your pets, and your family, but to look good doing so. Book in for a complimentary consultation—we look forward to meeting you!

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Operations at Property Werks

How it works

Straightforward pricing, a proven track record, and quality guaranteed.

Contain your yard in style with a high quality, attractive and affordable wood fence.

Fence calculator

Your price isn't a secret.

How much is this going to cost with materials and labour and... Simply enter a few details, select a fence style and you'll have a quick idea of your project price! If this approximate price works for you, let's discus the details.

Free consultation

On-site meetings are complimentary, and no-pressure.

After getting your estimate from the calculator, go ahead and pick a spot in the calendar to meet with your project manager.

In-person meeting

Let's make sure we're in sync on your vision.

We'll meet you in-person at your selected time to discuss your unique project needs, address all your questions and concerns, and offer you a detailed quote.

Review & approve

Take some time to think it over.

You can expect your quote within a day or two of meeting. Your quote includes all costs to complete the job. We won't underbid to win your business and then come to you with "surprise" expenses. If you'd like to go ahead, simply approve the quote from your client portal.

Project begins

Hooray! Your project is in the queue.

Once we receive your approval you will be given your expected start and completion dates. Don't worry, you won't be bumped for another project. We complete work in the order it's booked.

Instant online estimate

Use the Fence Calculator to get a quick estimate for your project.

Simply estimate the length of your fence and select your material and style to get an estimate for your project.

Please note that lumber prices fluctuate through the season. We'll be working to keep our calculator current, but your in-person estimate may differ.

This estimate includes everything needed for the project: utility locates, digging posts, concrete, labour and materials!

Fence height
Post dimensions
Remove existing fence
Length in feet
Number of gates
Fence style

If you're happy with the quote and would like to proceed, please book a time in the calendar for your in-person confirmation. Estimates are complimentary, no-pressure, and no obligation.


Quick answers

What is the average cost to build a fence in Calgary?
With pressure-treated wood, prices start at $45 per foot and go up based on your fence height, post dimensions, and fence style.
Do I need a permit to build a fence?
No you don't, as long as your project is regular height and within the correct property boundaries.
What is a popular fence design in Calgary?
Bastion and Fortress style fences are very popular! They're a classic choice and last a long time.
How long does it take to build a fence?
A typical backyard fence takes us 2-3 days to complete.
Do I have to pay for an estimate?
Nope! Our in-person estimates are always free, no-pressure, and no obligation. If you choose to work with us your only transaction will be settling your invoice after your project is complete. You can book your free estimate online using the calculator above.
How soon can you start?
During building season, once you have approved your quote, work will begin in approximately 2-4 weeks. We're happy to come meet you for a quote anytime though, even in winter or spring.
I'm splitting the cost with my neighbours, can you help with that?
No problem! We often work with groups of neighbours undertaking a project together. We will provide individualized breakdowns and invoicing.
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Why choose us

Experienced crews, led by carpenters with 20+ years experience.

Calgary trusts us to build beautiful, functional, long-lasting fences and gates. We never compromise on quality.

No underbidding

Your quoted price is the real price.

It's a common tactic for some fence building companies to offer a low quote to get you in the door, then come to you mid-project with "surprise" expenses. That's not our style.

No cherry-picking

Every project is important.

You can expect the same level of service on your $1,000 or $10,000 project. Your project won't be bumped because "something better" came along. We treat you with respect no matter the size of your job.

Quality materials

Hand picked lumber and quality fasteners.

We make sure all lumber is straight and true at the time of installation. All structural attachments are made with anti-rust treated screws which provide superior strength and durability. We also use screws to mount all fence boards where most companies use nails or even staples to finish faster, but unfortunately leave behind an inferior fence.

Solid workmanship

We prefer to overbuild for a fence that lasts.

We dig down 42" to 48" and pour concrete for every post. We always install an arbour on gates to ensure your frame remains stable and the latch stays aligned.

Quality guaranteed

You get a workmanship warranty.

We build for longevity and quality, but if a problem comes up we'll fix any workmanship issues with your new fence.

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What's the process?

Fence building 101.

We coordinate all aspects of your project from start to finish so your new fence is completed quickly.

Calculate materials

Make sure you have the right amount of quality lumber.

Wasting materials isn't good for anyone, and nobody wants unnessessary costs or to wait around for more supplies. We'll calculate the exact amount of material and always quality check our supply.

Locate utilites

Avoid water, gas, and electical lines.

To make sure we don't run into any utilities when digging we request a report of their locations on your property. This can take some time to be marked out, and is only valid for a set amount of time, so we coordinate it with your planned start date.

Mark property lines

Mark, measure, and plot your line.

Depending who owns the fence, we have to be very careful about marking where to build. Right on the property line if it's shared with a neighbour, or 100% on your property if it isn't. We take measurements based off your Real Property Report if needed.

Set posts

Make sure posts are plumb and true.

We like to anchor every post in concrete, not just the terminal ones. And dig at least 42" deep, thank you very much, to make sure your fence lasts many years!

Panels up, clean up

This is the fun part.

Install the frame between each set of posts and get the panels up according to the design. Custom build and mount each gate, install the latches, and tidy the site.


Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered.


When is the best time to build a fence in Calgary?
In Alberta, depending how long winter holds on, our fence building season runs from April up to the end of November. We tend to have more availability in the spring when the season is just getting started!
How high can I build a fence in Calgary?
Residential fences in Calgary can be up to 6'6" in the backyard and 4' in the front yard. Gate arbours can be as high as 8'2".
Who owns the fence between two houses?
Ah yes, it's a question of where the property line is! If the fence is right on the line, both parties are responsible for it. If it's fully on your property, you are the responsible party. You can find your property line using your Real Property Report.
Do I need a permit to build a fence in Calgary?
There is no permit required to build a fence in Calgary as long as it is under the maximum allowed height.
What is the lifespan of a fence in Calgary?
We build a high-quality, long lasting product. You can expect to get 20 to 30 years out of our wood fences. To prolong the life of your fence it's a good idea to put a coat of paint or stain on every few years.
Can you build a fence in my area?
From Arbour Lake to Walden, we serve all of the communities within Calgary city limits.
Can you remove my old fence before you build a new one?
Yep, for sure! We can take care of removal and disposal of your existing fence.
What types of fence design can we install?
We build residential wood fences in many styles. From standard privacy fences to intricate modern and ornamental designs, which can include custom posts, caps, windows, and arbour details. If you have any gate styles in mind including: Z frame, arched, or double swing/sliding gates we can do it.
Have a look around your community for inspiration, or check out Pinterest for some new ideas! Front yards, back yards, side yards, gates, privacy screens, decks, pergolas, gates, pet fencing & areas – no problem, we are happy to discuss your individual project needs.


What is the cost per foot to build a new fence in Calgary?
Our cost to build a fence in Calgary with pressure-treated wood and 4x4” posts is about $45 per linear foot at 4’ tall, or $50 per foot at 6’ tall. On the higher end of the spectrum, a 6’ tall cedar fence with extra-large 6x6” support posts is closer to $70 per linear foot. Of course cost changes depending on your choice of material and style preferences.
What is included in my quoted project cost?
Everything! Utility locates, digging, setting-posts, all labour and materials – everything is included in your quoted price. A common tactic is for builders to offer a very low bid to get in the door on your project, then once you’re committed, to charge for surprises along the way. This is not our style - your quoted price is your final price, and we will not come to you with any additional charges mid-project.
How do I get an estimate for my fence project?
Please book a time in the calendar using the fence calculator. Our project manager will meet you to measure your fence and discuss your design before sending a quote for your approval.
What is the most affordable material and design?
For balancing cost, attractiveness and durability, we recommend using pressure-treated wood and 4x4 posts in the Bastion or Fortress style.

Materials and design

What materials can you build a fence with?
We work with a variety of materials including cedar, pressure-treated, and composite. Wooden fences are always a popular and attractive option, providing a natural, long-lasting barrier at an affordable price. Cedar or pressure-treated woods are durable choices ensuring your fence has a long life.
Can you build a cedar fence?
Absolutely! Plus cedar is a beautiful choice for fencing because it is naturally resistant to rot, has a consistent grain and color, ages nicely, and of course you can't beat the nice smell.
What is pressure-treated wood?
Pressure-treated woods are coated and then subjected to high pressure to infuse rot-resistant compounds into the cells of the wood. Brown-treated pine mimics the look of cedar while being more cost effective. Legislation has eliminated the use of dangerous chemicals in the treatment process making it a safe choice.
Can you pre-build a fence?
If you have a small project, maybe a panel or two for ornamental uses, a pre-built panel is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project. For anything larger though, it's actually easier to build from scratch. A full 6' panel is surprisingly heavy and difficult to transport, so we build everything in place.
How long does it take to complete a fence?
Once the project has started, things move pretty fast. A typical backyard fence takes us about two days to complete. On larger projects, you can expect a build rate of approximately 70 linear feet per day once the posts are set.
Is lumber included in your warranty?
Our one year warranty is for workmanship and not lumber as it is temperamental and liable to change outside. We always quality check the lumber supply used for your project to minimize the chances of warping. You can always give us a call if there's an issue with your fence, we'll do our best to help.
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