Year-round yard care

Property maintained 365 days per year

One flat monthly rate. Never think about mowing the grass or shovelling the walks again.

Lawn care

Choose between a regular weekly lawn care service, or bi-weekly if that's your preference.

Snow removal

Choose between Premium or Standard snow removal service, whatever suits you best.

Picture notification

We'll send you pictures of the finished work to your email address after each visit.


Year-round clients benefit from savings of over 10% compared to booking services separately.

Set & forget

We automatically change over your service across the seasons. Never think about your lawn becoming overgrown, or a snowy sidewalk again.

Year-round property care

From $119 /month

Life is busy. Sometimes the last thing you want to think about, or have time for, is mowing the lawn or shovelling the sidewalks. With a flat monthly rate your property will be automatically maintained as the seasons change.

Whether you're constantly at the office, in and out of town, juggling an active family, or just plain don't want to go near any equipment - we have you covered, all year long. With recurring yard care we return season after season to take care of your yard.

Quickly check your price using the form below, and if you like what you see - book online, call or email us anytime!

Donna Baird
We were away during the winter and hired Property Werks to keep our driveway clear of snow. They were on it, and communicated with me by email every step of the way. I had peace of mind that no one was going to slip on ice on our sidewalk and our driveway would be clear when we got home. I will definitely use Property Werks again. Thanks again!
Jacquie Willumsen
Christine is very lovely to deal with! She answers my questions very promptly. Staff are very punctual - I like it when they send me a photo of snow removals.
Ken McDowell
Great people to care for our lawn and snow removal! Very through and complete service.
H Jude
We highly recommend Property Werks for snow removal as it makes winter so much more enjoyable! We have been extremely pleased with Cristine's prompt & courteous reply to emails and the exceptional quality of snow clearing by Brandon M. After each visit, we receive an email with photos of our property. Many neighbours have been commenting on what a fantastic job Property Werks does. This company really cares about its customers!
Christina Hagerty
We have used a number of snow removal companies over the past 20 years and I am most impressed by PropertyWerks! They are timely, communicate through emails and photos and are friendly and efficient! What more could we want? Thank you, Guys, for helping us keep our sidewalks clean!
James Muir
Property Werks has always gone above and beyond to take care of me. I have a very long sidewalk, across from a school no less... This winter season I have noticed that my sidewalks have been cleared every morning before I even wake up! I love the service and so does the parents and students from the school across the street that get freshly cleared sidewalks for their walk to and from school :) Property Werks helps keep my property safe and looking great!
Cassandra Limoges
Really appreciated the work done by the team that Sean sent over. They were very professional and kind and pushed to complete the fence within 3 days. The fence is amazing and great quality. Thank you Sean for a job well done! I am looking forward to working with you again for the patio!
Dan Ng
I guess PropertyWerks won my trust for the winter days here... itโ€™s been now more than 3 years in a row to have their snow removal services for us ๐Ÿ™‚
Jean McClure
Very satisfied with service over these many years.
Jessica Lange
The lawn was mowed very well and their customer service is quick to respond.
Salman Faruqi
Great customer service experience, timely and very professional. Highly recommend.
Nalin Kasturi
Property Werks is the best company for lawn mowing and snow removal. Cristine and her team have been managing my home for almost three years. I appreciate the snow and lawn mowing reports & also value the reports with pics received after they have mowed our lawn or removed snow. I have never had an issue of snow not being removed within 24 hours after it has stopped snowing. I always recommend them to friends, family and coworkers as they have an amazing team. Thank you for such an impeccable service.
Rajashri Thakurdesai
Timely efficient and work done with heart in it. We are happy to hire them for our extra large yard lawn mowing.
gerald innes
Usually a very good, prompt service. Snow is usually prompt and the grass is very good. I will be happy if the lawn clippings are left on the lawn. We will be away all summer so there is no place to put them.
Jill Yon
Don't hesitate! From the front end service (Cristine) to Jordon H who provided the labour...EXCELLENT SERVICE! You made my day. Thanks!!!

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Year-round service FAQ

For even more service details, please visit the FAQ sections on our Lawn Care and Snow Removal pages too.

In appreciation for trusting us with your long-term business, we serve year-round clients at a discounted rate. This comes out to about 10% less on average than booking separate services. Your price stays constant across the year so the seasonal adjustments on our prices won't affect you.
They aren't, but if you would like us to include them as part of your regular service line up so you don't have to re-book every time, we can do that. Please let us know.
Nope, we'll take care of it! We'll keep you informed of when we're switching into a new season, and as always, you will always receive pictures to your email of completed work. Handy if you happen to be out of town frequently or at the office.
This plan accommodates the slight differences in when the seasons start from year to year. We'll clear a snowfall in September, or start mowing in April if the grass is already growing. We're servicing your property at all times instead of waiting for your contract date to begin.
While of course we prefer if you stay, there is no penalty for cancellation.
Oops! Please send us a quick note at so we can come fix it.