Spring yard clean ups 2020

10,000+ Tonnes of Grass Clippings Composted

That's a whole lotta grass.

Blow out

Clear all the fallen leaves, branches and debris from your flower beds, shrubs, and lawn.

Power rake

Remove excess thatch and refresh your lawn after a long winter under the snow.

First mow & trim

Healthy grass is frequently cut grass! Removing too much of the blade at once causes stress, and this first mow keeps it in check.

Aerate & fertilize

Aerate to support the deep root system of your lawn, and encourage healthy roots. Add a sprinkling of fertilizer for a jump start on the new growing season.

Tidy & dispose

One more blast with the blower to shake off all the dust. Gather up all the debris and bag it for removal by the city, or we can remove and compost it for you.

Hellooo spring 2020!

Spring clean-ups from $138

In need of garden clean up services this season? Get a jump start on spring lawn care with one of our custom yard cleaning packages. A spring-clean up is the most important thing you can do to set your yard up for a productive growing season. After a harsh Calgary winter it's important to make sure your lawn is supported.

Your spring time yard clean-up includes:

  • full blowout of all beds, hedges, and corners
  • power raking (to reduce excess thatch)
  • first mow and trim of the season to keep things looking sharp
  • debris clean-up because hey, it should look great!

You can also choose to add lawn aeration (for improved water uptake) and spring-formulated fertilizer to provide the extra nutrients your grass needs.

We're proud to offer some of the most competitive prices in the city. Check your spring yard clean up price using the calculator below, or please give us a call or email if we can help with any questions.

I was so excited when I got home from work last night!!!! My yard was immaculate! Property Werks does an incredible job every time , so happy with my spring cleanup! Highly recommend this company!
Deanna McKenzie
Property Werks Ltd. offers a very hard working, professional team. We have hired them for Spring Clean Up for the past number of years. I highly recommend this company to keep your lawn and premises neat and clean. They Are the BEST! 5 Star.
David Bean
Lawn services over the past two seasons has been very good, reliable and efficient. We were particularly pleased with the Fall/Spring Cleanup work.
Rodrigo Meson
Work is always completed on time and they clean up after. I have no complaints! I have used them for lawn care (spring clean up and weekly mowing) for two years now.
Nancy Lassu
We've hired Property Werks for one time clean up, annual maintenance, weekly mows, spring/autumn clean ups and snow removal. We have been extremely pleased with the work, and attention to our concerns. Not only is the office friendly, all staff are very courteous who have been to our house over the years.
bill breen
Property Works did a very good job completing a spring clean up of my yard this year. The work was competed in a timely manner and the results were great!
Kevin Rakhit
I love the email notification that includes pictures of the finished snow removal/lawn mow every time, it's fantastic and a great way to see the work is always done! Stephen did a great job keeping all our paths absolutely clear of snow this winter. This spring Ryan and crew built us a beautiful fence and gates quickly, and were very tidy and friendly - awesome!
Michael Shipley
I booked with Cristine over the phone for our spring clean-up, she was so pleasant to talk to. Due to weather conditions our scheduled date was pushed back a few time, however each time Cristine communicated in an email the expected revised dates. When the crew came to do the Werks, they took the time to ensure the job was done well. Property Werks is our new company to call in the spring and I can comfortably recommend their services to anyone else.
Victor Tam
Recently we appointed Propertywerks.Ca to Spring Clean our Lawn/Garden. I would just like to thank the team that worked on our property. They did a fantastic job. First blowing all the debris from our garden beds and lawn, then mowing, power raking and aerating the lawn. Finally cleaning and collecting all the waste. They really did a splendid job and transformed a shabby garden into a picturesque one.
Sheila Ung
Property Werks did our spring cleanup and we just wanted to pass along how pleased we were with the service. It is the best spring cleanup we have had to date. We really appreciate the great work and service.

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Spring Yard Cleaning Service FAQ

Over time, and with lots of use, the soil beneath your lawn becomes compacted, making it more difficult for the grass to access sufficient nutrients and water. Aeration reintroduces more oxygen into the deep root system of your lawn. Deep roots make your lawn more resilient and better able to handle stress, like heat or dry spells. The small holes also create more surface area for healthy soil microorganisms and fertilizer to do their work.
If you are not sure you need aeration, take a core sample of your lawn at least six inches deep. If grass roots extend only to the first one-two inches, your soil may be compacted.
In Alberta, the best time to aerate is in May to June and again in mid-September. The cores of soil are best left on the lawn so they can be reabsorbed. Booking our spring and fall yard cleaning services will keep you on schedule!
Power raking removes thatch, a dense mat of stems and roots, which accumulates under the surface of your lawn. A little thatch is good for lawns, but too much will start to prevent water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil beneath.
Too much thatch makes your lawn less permeable to the good things you want it to absorb, like fertilizer and water. Thatch also reduces the effectiveness of pest controls, and since it holds onto moisture, it can create an environment for bacteria and bugs to thrive. If it becomes more than ½ thick, the roots of your lawn will start to grow in the thatch instead of the soil, making it less resilient.
In our climate, for the type of grass that typically is grown here it’s best to power rake in the spring. Power raking when the grass is already growing can cause damage, so it’s best to do before the growing season begins, usually up until the start of May.
For a regular residential lawn in Calgary, once a year is a good habit as it’s a more intense procedure for your lawn. Some golf courses power rake multiple times per year!
Better absorption of all the good things your lawn needs to thrive - water, air, and fertilizer! If you’re thinking about overseeding your lawn, power raking sets you up for better success by allowing the seeds access to the nutrient layer they need.
Our price begins at $138 for spring clean ups, compared to other companies who begin at $160+. As always, your final price is determined by your aeration, fertilizer and composting preferences.
Spring clean-up season starts as soon as all the snow has melted, usually around the third week of April and runs until the end of May.
We do our yard clean ups in the order they are booked! We aim to have your service completed within 3 business days of you making your booking. Tell us if you have any special requests for timing and we'll do our best to accommodate them.