You guys have been a joy to deal with. Your service is outstanding. The guys are prompt and they do a great job!

​                                          - Karen H.

I am very happy with the clean-up your crew provided, and particularly with the company's customer service.
                                               - Pamela P.

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job again this year - the yard looks great!

                                                 - Robyn C.

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A Calgary lawn care experience

We take care of everything no matter how you say it: lawn mowing, lawn care, lawn maintenance, or lawn cutting services. It's what we do! Save the work for our expert team and enjoy having the nicest lawn on the block.

Our Calgary lawn care season starts early in April, when it's time to take the steps necessary to get your lawn prepped for the season ahead. A solid start to the summer begins with a spring clean up designed to wake up your lawn. Get all the winter debris of pine cones, branches, and leaves cleaned out, make room for oxygen and water to access the roots with aeration and power raking and get the proper nutrients with a spring formulated fertilizer treatment. Of course, we'll leave your lawn looking beautiful as well!  The proper foundation in spring will mean a lawn that looks fantastic all summer!

Once spring is over (spring clean ups typically end after the second week in May) then we get into the peak growing season in Calgary. Starting in May, your lawn begins to wake up and start to green up. Once the grass is a steady shade of green, it's time to switch over to weekly lawn mowing. Consistent lawn care is important to reduce the shock to your lawns growth from more spaced out cutting periods. If you cut a lawn when it's too long, it exposes the root base to sun damage (burning isn't sexy on a lawn either). Regular lawn mows at the proper height will ensure a beautifully maintained and healthy lawn no matter where you live in Calgary. Of course, we will always mow your yard to your preferred specifications such as patterns, cut height, trimming, mulching or bagging. Get in touch with us to find out more, we love to answer any questions, as we are passionate about what we do!

Another service we provide in the summer months are fertilizer packages of 3-5 treatments. In conjunction with regular lawn mowing and watering (ideally two times per week, early mornings are best) this will leave you amazed at how lush and green your lawn can be. With the proper care of regular lawn cutting, water, and nutrient uptake, your lawn will be naturally weed free, and stay healthy year to year. If you're interested, get a fast and easy quote above! And of course, if you want to talk directly with someone on our team, please call us at 403-239-1269.

When we get down to the unfortunate but inevitable end of the summer lawn care season around the end of September then it's the time again to enjoy the colours of the leaves, before the chore of bagging them up begins. Our fall lawn care clean-up includes the removal of leaves, branches and debris from all corners of your yard; flower beds and shrubs. If you choose, we will remove and compost all the materials, to avoid adding to the landfills and to continue the life cycle. After the clean up, we will complete a final mow to keep the grass short during the winter (and prevent it lying down under the weight of snow) and finally provide a lawn aeration to keep the deep root system hydrated and oxygenated over the winter. We also offer a slow release fall fertilizer which helps bring your grass right back to life come spring.

Property Werks will provide all the services from spring and fall clean-ups to weekly lawn cutting or anything in between (bark mulch top ups, hedge trimming, edging, you name it!). Only require a one off spring clean-up?  No problem, we can help as needed!