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New sod installation Calgary

374,000+ square feet of sod installed in Calgary

Laying down sweet Kentucky blue grass since 2015.

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Replace existing grass, weeds or other material?
Think of dividing your yard into rectangles and multiplying length by width.

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Comments from our sod clients:


Every project is important. We understand that the exterior of your home is a big investment. With over 300,000 square feet of sod installed to date, Calgary trusts us to create a beautiful, high-quality lawn. We never compromise on quality, here’s how:

No underbidding to win your business. It's a common tactic for some sod installation companies to offer a low quote to get you in the door, then come to you mid-project with "surprise" expenses. That's not our style. Your quoted price is your final price.

We will be out within 2 business days to meet with you, discuss your project, and provide you with your no obligation free estimate.

You will work with the same project manager from start to finish. We will treat you with respect and integrity at all times.

After you've accepted the estimate your job will be booked into our schedule. Once you're in you won't be bumped by any other job. We work strictly on a first-in, first-out basis.

No deposit is required. Payment is accepted only after the job is completed to your expectations.

When work begins we will take the time to properly grade your property. It's important that the base for your sod has the proper slope and gradient to ensure water is funnelled away from structures, and there are no low lying areas where it will pool.

We provide and install a quality loam to ensure your new sod has the proper nutrients to get the start it needs. We keep the loam moist prior to laying the sod, spread a specially formulated root start fertilizer and then promptly lay down the grass to ensure a strong, healthy start.

Finally we will show you how to properly care for your new lawn, and provide you with detailed instructions. If you have any questions after installation we are always happy to help. Taking pride in our work means that your job is as important to us as if it was our own.

Example image of our sod work
Example image of our sod work
Example image of our sod work

What's the sod installation process?

Lift old sod

If need be, get that old stuff out of there! Sometimes all this takes is a sod cutter, other times, a Bobcat skid steer is needed.

Smooth it out

Next your property needs to be properly graded to make sure water drains away from all building foundations and doesn't pool anywhere.

Add nutrients

A healthy-looking lawn has healthy roots! A thick layer of nutritious topsoil is applied, along with a thin layer of fertilizer to encourage the new roots to get established.

Lay it down

We use locally-grown grass and install it within 24 hours of harvesting. The rolls of sod are installed in an offset formation to give it strength and make less obvious seams.


Time for a good drink of water! Over to you, but don't worry, we'll leave you with instructions.

New sod in Calgary FAQ

When is the best time to lay new sod in Calgary?
In Alberta, sod farms usually have grass ready to go by mid-to-late April, (depending how long winter goes). You can install sod from April to October, as long as the grass receives water. If you lay new sod in April, May or June, your sod may benefit from the spring rainfall. In July and August, with more people away on holidays, we normally have better availability to book your project on short notice, however with less rain in mid-summer the sod requires more watering by hand. When installed in the fall, the grass becomes dormant quickly, is preserved by the snow pack and can begin to establish its roots the following spring!
How do you prepare for new sod?
If you have existing grass, it will have to be pulled up with a sod cutting machine or skid steer and disposed of. We've negotiated a partnership to compost old sod, while residential customers must take old sod to the city landfill. Once the sod is removed, your site has to be properly graded to ensure water will run away from any building foundations and will not create pools in the yard or other issues. It’s advisable to lay at least 3” of new, high-nutrient topsoil as a healthy foundation for the new grass. You want to make sure the new roots have maximum contact with the topsoil so the finished surface should be completely smooth. For simple grading, a landscape rake that’s usually 4-5’ wide is good for leveling out bumps and pockets, alternating with a landscape roller to create a firm, even surface. Some areas will sink more than others and need more attention, more rolling and grading, repeating usually three times. Once graded and smooth, a thin layer of fertilizer is applied to the topsoil, then it is moistened slightly before laying down the fresh rolls of grass.
How is old sod removed and disposed?
Depending on the size of the job and accessibility of the area, we use a sod cutting machine or a skid steer to lift the old grass up.

We use a private site to compost sod. Unfortunately old sod isn’t accepted as compost by the City of Calgary, so if you’re disposing of it yourself, regular landfill fees apply. In 2019, the City of Calgary landfill rate for sod is $113/tonne.

Calgary Landfill Rates 2020
My new grass looks great! What are some nice finishing options?
Landscaping rocks are an attractive and popular finishing touch especially down the sides of your home. Bark mulch is also a popular addition on top of planting beds or under trees. We're happy to install these for you!
Can you install an irrigation system with my new sod?
You bet! Irrigation is a great way to keep your new lawn looking its best. We have partnered with the experts at who install and service both residential and commercial irrigation systems in and around Calgary.

When you book sod and irrigation together the whole process is streamlined so you don't need to coordinate our services seperately.

You can also reach Naiad Irrigation Systems directly at: 587-674-9955
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Thanks so much! We couldn't believe how hard you guys were working! It looks Great.

Sarah and David W.Cochrane, AB

The sod looks really fantastic guys. You did an excellent job.

Tim B.Bridgeland

Everything looks great, we are so pleased! Thanks again for a great job.

Dr. Scott L.Auburn Bay